That Is A Centipede

When I went to feed the dogs today, I found a creature inside one of their feeding pans. A quick response from pastor Edwards confirmed what it was. He said “That is a centipede. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these.” CentipedeWhen he finished looking at it, he added “Make sure you kill it.”

Centipedes are not my favourite creatures and although they prey on soft-bodied insects, insect larvae, spiders, worms etc., I am afraid of them.  CentipedeThe centipede is a fast moving arthropod that does not have 100 legs as its name suggests. It is nocturnal by nature and is usually found in damp, moist areas such as under rocks, leaf litter or rotting wood. It can also live inside your house.

A centipede will bite when it is handled. Its bite, which is venomous, is very painful but not fatal to humans . . . unless you are a child, or you already have an allergy to wasp/bee stings. CentipedeCentipedes have very poor eyesight and they track their prey through the use of touch and smell. They can live up to six years, and some may grow to lengths of up to 12 inches (30 cm). Centipede


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