Sometimes You Just Have To Make Your Own Rainbow

You can see a rainbow everyday if you want to . . . just by creating the right conditions.  I saw one today while washing off the car with the hose, the water droplets splashing to the ground formed a double rainbow, just for me.

Do you feel hurt, disappointed, or sad? Is your heart heavy? There is a solution you know, and you can have it.Rainbow This solution may not change your circumstances right away, but it will change your attitude and outlook. Then with the right attitude and a positive outlook, you will have hope, you will have faith, you will have the courage to move on, despite the odds.

The solution is found in Proverbs 12: 25 which states: “Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.”  The solution is in hearing a good word.

This good word could be a favourable doctor’s report, a new job offer, a compliment, an apology, sound advice, and so on. If it is none of these, then you will have to make your own good word. You will just have to “make your own rainbow”, and the only way I know for us to make a good word is to search for one in the scriptures.

365 Promises Blog
~photo by Eric Boldt

The Bible contains promises which are the best set of good words I know. They provide comfort and they carry us through when we need help. I found the 365 Promises blog that posts a Bible promise every day, and today’s promise made my heart glad, it was like a rainbow after a storm. It was the good word that I needed.

When you meditate on God’s word you will become encouraged and you will be quickened again. Try it.


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