Saturday’s Soup

There are many Jamaican traditions that we observe when it comes to food – such as eating bun and cheese during Easter, drinking sorrel wine at Christmas, and eating soup on Saturdays (Some Jamaican Seventh Day Adventists drink their soup on Fridays).

So today, like many persons all across Jamaica, I’m cooking my regular Saturday soup. Saturday’s soups are usually chicken soup, chicken foot soup, beef soup, red peas soup, and even fish soup (fish tea).

Soups are easy to cook and are the ideal type of meal to prepare when you are busy doing something else, such as tidying up your home.Soups keep you feeling full longer because they are composed of a lot of water. They are also very nutritious since they contain a wide range of ingredients. Saturday's soupThere are many benefits of eating soup  . . .  it makes you feel warm on cold days.

Soups are known to be a healthy liquid, filled with nutrients and low in fat. And because it is mainly water, eating soup helps energize the muscles and keep your skin looking good. Saturday's soup


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