Wood Sorrel

From as far back as I can remember, I have chewed on the stems of the Wood Sorrel (Oxalis) plant. It is slightly sour to the taste, and just thinking of it now causes my mouth to salivate.

The Wood Sorrel is also called Sourgrass and Wood Shamrock, it is found every where around our yard and it also grows in the flower pots.  We have the kinds that bloom violet, and yellow flowers.Wood Sorrel The Wood Sorrel plant (like spinach, broccoli and other vegetables) contains oxalic acid which is considered toxic when consumed in large quantities.  Oxalic acid is known to inhibit the absorption of calcium.

Although Wood Sorrel can be eaten in salads and be used to make tea,  it is unsafe when taken in large quantities.

Caution: Wood Sorrel is unsafe for  both mothers and infants.  It is known to cause crystals forming in the blood which are then deposited in the kidneys, blood vessels, heart, lungs, and liver.  It has also known to irritate the lining of the stomach and intestines making ulcers worse.  Further, chemicals in Wood Sorrel can make your blood clot too fast.wood sorrel


One thought on “Wood Sorrel

  1. The Oxalic acid is so high in spinach. They warned against using it every day in green smoothie. And I was doing exactly that. Don’t think I’ll be using the wood sorrel. Need my kidneys.

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