The Climbing Fig Plant

A little over a decade ago, my mum planted a few creeping fig plants (Ficus pumila) in our yard; we thought they were ivy plants, but they are not. She planted them to grow on the rocks and walls around our home. creeping fig plant (Ficus pumila)The creeping fig plant or climbing fig plant is a woody, evergreen vine that is a relative of the edible fig plant. It is fast growing and requires very little care.

This plant is known to hold securely to any surface via its aerial rootlets.creeping fig plant (Ficus pumila)I read that the creeping fig plant is one of the best vines for creating dense green coverings due to it’s fine attractive foliage, shade tolerance, and fast growth rate. It however, should not be planted near wooden structures as these surfaces (and their finishes) are damaged by the powerful adhesive produced by the vine.

The creeping fig plant makes a good ground cover and hedge; it can also be grown indoors. All parts of the plant, and the seeds of its fruit are poisonous if ingested.creeping fig plant (Ficus pumila)I understand and know for a fact that the creeping fig plant is a high maintenance plant, and pruning is required several times a year to remove excess growth. creeping fig plant (Ficus pumila) The creeping fig plant is a popular creeper – it is beautiful to look at, and it is known to provide visual relief. This plant also dampens traffic noise.

Growing this plant is an excellent way to add character to your garden wall.


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