Photo – Apple Banana Trees

We have just a few apple banana trees growing in our hill; we planted them since we like eating different kinds of bananas. Apple banana treesOne of these trees is shooting, i.e. it is beginning to bear fruit.  You can see the purple banana flower (bract or inflorescence) coming from the heart of the banana plant. Apple Banana shootingThe banana plant can only bear once, after which, it dies. However, new offshoots or banana suckers usually develop at the base of the plant.

I’d like to compare a few people to the banana plant – their life’s purpose was to give of themselves and to share their skills and talents with mankind. What they did came from their heart. Some eventually mentored others and “passed the baton” of their life’s calling to the next generation. When their mission was accomplished . . . they died, or were killed. It seemed they were placed on this earth for just that one purpose.


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