Green Stink Bug

We’ve been sighting a couple green stink bugs (Loxa viridis) recently, at night time and in the early morning hours. Sometimes we smell them first before knowing that they are around. As children, we used to call them “stinking insects”. stink bug (Loxa viridis)This insect is known as the stink bug  because of the pungent odour it emits when it is disturbed, threatened,  or squashed. And, because of its shape, it is also known as the shield bug. stink bug (Loxa viridis)Green stink bugs are known to infest crops, gardens, and homes. They are not poisonous, but they will bite if they feel threatened.

The colours of stink bugs can be brown, green, and golden brown. Some have red and black spotted colours, and others have reddish orange markings on their bodies. stink bug (Loxa viridis)


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