Thirsty Wasps and Insects

We’re experiencing a dry spell now and this is the first time I’m seeing insects visiting our dog water pan for a drink of water.  thirsty wasps and fly I rescued a fly that was swimming around in the water pan, but one wasp drowned.

This green fly with enormous red compound eyes is the common green bottle fly (Phaenicia sericata or Lucilia sericata); it is also known as the blow fly. fly swimming in waterI read that the green bottle fly plays an important role in forensic sciences since they are often the first insect to arrive on an animal or human carcass.

The presence of their larvae (maggots) found in dead tissue helps investigators determine the time of death, which often assists in solving law enforcement in waterAlthough the green bottle fly transmits disease organisms, ironically, they are the most commonly used fly species for human wound treatments of injuries that conventional treatments fail to heal.

Under doctor’s supervision, sterile green bottle fly larvae are placed on a wound so that they feed on the dead tissue and bacteria that may otherwise cause the wound to become infected. Their activity increases the promotion of healthy tissue growth at the wound site which is achieved by not only eating the decomposing tissue but also secreting and producing antimicrobial enzymes while foraging in the in grassI understand that because green bottle flies routinely move between dead animals, dung, and human habitats, they may transmit disease organisms to people, including the bacteria that cause dysentery, typhus, and cholera.


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