Black Dog In Chains

Our black dog is highly intelligent and easily bored, he is always up to something! To keep him out of trouble, we confined him to different areas around our home; but like Harry Houdini, he escapes every time. We now think it’s best to keep him in chains. Chained Dog This dog is guilty of so many things: he climbs on the roof and chews on the Internet wires; he frolics by the clothes line and eats pieces of clothing swaying in the breeze; and at night time, he paws open the gate to go on a rampage, overturning garbage bins in our neighbourhood.

We find ourselves watching him and his doggy ways, and keeping our fingers crossed. We can only relax when he is in chains. Despite all this, I’ve learned a few things from this black dog who seems willing to be chained up each time. He submits because I am his master.submissive chained dog I observe that while in chains, his loving nature has not changed at all; he is always happy to see me. This black dog seems to forget about the chains and tries to jump up to greet me. happy chained dog I know he does not enjoy being tied up, since the chains can be a nuisance, but he seems to endure them because his master puts him there.chained dogIt appears that this black dog sees himself separate from the chains, he doesn’t view them as punishment or affliction.

While chained up, this dog still wants to play, he tries to rub himself against me, and he still thinks he deserves a pat on his head. Despite his chains, he still enjoys in chainsToday, many persons are “chained” physically and emotionally . . . they are bound by illness, grief, confinement to a wheelchair or room, hatred, an abusive past, etc. How do you overcome your chains, even when they are still there?

  • Can you ever be like this black dog, and submit to our master – the Lord God, knowing that He will never allow us to go through anything we cannot bear? Will you endure and not give up hope?
  • Can you start being happy and not focus on the chains alone? Will you be thankful for the good things God is doing?
  • Can you start seeing yourself separate from the chains? For example, you’re a beautiful and valuable person, not worthless and rejected like your chains say you are. Will you start enjoying life again? dog in chains The only person I know that can help break every chain is the Lord Jesus Christ. When you surrender to him, he will strengthen you. And if ye continue in his word, ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed!!!!!  (John 8:31 – 32 & 36).

3 thoughts on “Black Dog In Chains

  1. Thanks for your comment Michelle,

    I want to agree with you 100%, but can’t. I rather have a living dog in chains, than see his remains splattered on the street. I rather have a dog live out his life span, than have him euthanized because he bit someone or several persons. And I rather have a dog in chains to show compassion to, than no dog at all.

    I will assure you that our dog in not kept in chains 24/7, and we don’t consider chains as the answer for curbing his night wandering, garbage eating habits. I can count on both hands how many times persons have stoned our yard to ward off this dog of ours, he seems to prefer guarding our home from the outside of our gate. He is no easy fellow, and he will climb over the wall to get you on the street, if you are a nuisance to him.

    Let me share this incident with you. Early one morning, I heard someone crying out that he wanted to pass our gateway, but couldn’t. It was 1:00 a.m. That black dog of ours prevented him from doing so, and neither stone nor other missile could deter him from stalking and barking at this man. It was a good thing that I was still up at that hour, to let the dog inside so that the passerby could go home. When the sun arose, I chained him up again.

    PS: We are making a fenced area for our dogs, and that will take awhile; so right now, we’re sticking to chaining Harry – that’s what we call him.

    1. Well it seemed like this black dog of ours, has gone wandering way up to our local abattoir (slaughter house); there he stole some prized-looking pork chops and pig’s feet. I found the chops partially eaten in our yard. He has become a thief.

      This dog is actually the fattest dog in our home, he is not underfed, but he has a very bad habit which he enjoys. It has been three times now that we’ve found these pig’s feet in our yard, partially eaten, and smelly. We’ve considered chaining him up again; but he never returned home. My theory is that a butcher’s knife caught him in the stomach and he fell dead at the abattoir with pork chops in his teeth. The butcher then seized the prized meat from the jaw of our black dog, then dumped his dead body in the garbage . . . the same garbage he loved overturning and rummaging through.

      I don’t think I would want a dog with the colour black again. Black dogs are different. Their mentally is not the same as other dogs since they realize that (because of their black colour) they can lurk in the shadows and not be detected. And because of this, a black dog may choose to become cunning and conniving.

  2. It is cruel to chain a dog. How sad for your dog that you think that this is the answer. Please educate yourself on the negatives (for the dog) on chaining a dog. Dogs want to be with their families and packs. Please show your dog more compassion.

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