Photo – Cicada

We awake each day to find several Cicadas outdoors, they’re out in their numbers now. Cicadas are insect that have stout bodies, broad heads, clear membrane wings, and large compound eyes.
CicadaThe Cicadas that appear now around our home seem to be a different type since they don’t have the bright red eyes which we know them to have. It could be that these Cicadas are emerging from a different life cycle.

I read that some types of Cicadas emerge every year, and there are some types that emerge every 13 – 17 years; these insects spend most of their lives underground as Cicada nymphs. When they emerge as adult Cicadas, they appear for the sole purpose of mating.CicadaThe Cicadas are known for their loud buzzing sound, which is actually the male’s mating song. During their days of mating, the adult Cicadas do not eat, and shortly after mating, the male Cicada dies.


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