Mimosa Pudica Plant

I found a Mimosa Pudica plant in bloom with its purple puff flower-head; it had revived after a couple days of rain last week. Mimosa pudica The Mimosa Pudica plant is also called sensitive plant, touch-me-not plant, humble plant, sleepy plant and shameful plant. In Jamaica we call it shamey macka-bush.

This plant is called all these names because of its touch-sensitive leaves. Whenever the leaves are touched or shaken, they will fold inward and droop, causing the plant to appear bashful or ashamed.  While the plant does this to protect itself, it leaves also fold together and droop each evening until sunrise. Mimosa pudicaMimosa pudicaIn Jamaica we also call the Mimosa Pudica the shamey macka-bush because of its hairy and spiny stems.  Mimosa pudicaThe Mimosa Pudica belongs to the bean family Leguminosae and is grown in some places as a ground cover and as an ornamental plant. In other areas it is considered a weed. Mimosa pudicaI read that the Mimosa Pudica plant has many traditional medicinal uses, but if taken in large doses, it is toxic to both humans and animals. Mimosa pudica


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