Moving Day

Exactly one week after we rescued a wandering pup, mother dog has decided to move the puppies completely out of her den. Today I found them all at the entrance to the lumber shed.puppies puppies Mother dog knows that her puppies will need more space to move about. They need to explore and learn about nature around them. I read that this is one of the stages of puppy growth. As these puppies approach their 4th week, they will begin the Socialization Stage where it is very important for them to be introduced to other people, and to other dogs.

With this in mind, we had to move the puppies to a safer location as they were too close to the roadway. We moved them in a bucket to their new home.puppies puppiesOnce they were relocated, the puppies began crying for their mother. They began searching for her in their new environment, and through their dim eyesight, they even thought the tree trunk was their mum. puppies puppiesThere are seven puppies in this litter – five males and two females; and in a matter of weeks they will grow quickly before our very eyes.

You know, it is always a joy to see newborns, and there’s a thrill in watching them grow; but right now, all they want to do is take a nap. puppies puppies


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