Oranges – Gold In The Morning

Each morning, all across Jamaica, you will see many persons eating the number one choice of fruits . . . the orange. Second to it is the banana.

Some Jamaicans say that they have to eat an orange to get rid of white squall; while others eat it to satisfy their hunger pangs when there is nothing else for them to eat right away. In our home, we enjoy eating oranges or grapefruits with our breakfast each day.peeled orangeA friend of mine advised us saying: oranges are best eaten in the morning. The rule for eating oranges is . . . oranges are gold in the morning, silver in the afternoon, and lead at night time. I think she was referring to the effects of the acidic content found in oranges.

I read that: “Oranges strengthen your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness.” ~ Tae Yun Kim

The orange is also the choice fruit of athletes, as eating it gives them a burst of energy. I find this to be true, for during one Sports Day – years and years ago, I was given an orange topped with glucose to eat before running a race, and I ran well. This practice is still being continued in schools to this day.  peeled orangeI understand that oranges, like all fruits, are best eaten alone on an empty stomach. Fruits eaten with other foods are not easily digested, and they are likely to rot and ferment in the gut.

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamins – specifically vitamin C, and they are rich in dietary fiber, pectin, phytochemicals, and minerals such as potassium and calcium. Eating oranges is beneficial since they help prevent certain diseases and cancers, lower cholesterol, and boost heart health. Oranges are also known to protect the mucous membrane of the colon.


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