Baking Ginger Cookies

For some strange reason I felt for ginger cookies today; I can’t tell when last I’ve eaten them, but I craved them enough to bake a batch for myself.

I found a host of recipes on the Internet, and I chose one that required freshly grated ginger. This recipe also required allspice (pimento) and black pepper which we had; and soon I was sieving flour, creaming butter, and mixing my batter. Then after freezing the dough for 20 minutes, I formed small balls and placed them on foil; the recipe specified baking sheets, but foil should be okay, I guess. making ginger cookiesUsing the bottom of a cup, I pressed down each ball into a flat cookie; there were 24 of them. Then I popped the racks of cookies into our oven and waited. making ginger cookiesOh by-the-way, instead of the required molasses, I used honey in this recipe; and I added a couple raisins. I love raisins. Soon our kitchen smelled real good . . . ginger cookies good!

Then came the fun part – while baking, my ginger cookies melted into one big ‘ginger cookie cake’. When finished, the cookies were thin, filled with air holes, and they stuck to the foil. making ginger cookiesThese ginger cookies looked nothing like the ones I saw on the Internet. I carefully cut them apart, and sampled some . . . they tasted great! Oh yum! making ginger cookiesAnd so my cravings are satisfied. It’s really great to do something new at the start of the second half of the year.

Yes, it’s the first of July already folks, and we’ve begun the second of half of 2015. In this second half of the year, let us aim at being and doing well. Do not hesitate to start something new; let’s make the best of the remaining 183 days. making ginger cookies


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