Photo – Titan Sphinx Moth

This afternoon, after a lovely shower of rain, I decided to take a few photos of raindrops on the leaves of our Moringa oleifera tree. With camera in hand, I came just in time to zoom in on a tiny creature resembling a hummingbird . . . it was a Titan Sphinx Moth! I’ve never noticed this kind of moth before today.Titan Sphinx Moth (Aellopos titan)The Titan Sphinx moth (Aellopos titan) belongs to a day-flying specie of moths found in the tropics. It is dark brown in colour with a wide white stripe across the abdomen.  This moth is also called the White-banded Day Sphinx.

Here are a couple more photos: Titan Sphinx Moth (Aellopos titan) Titan Sphinx Moth (Aellopos titan)


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