A Favourite – Boiled Eggs & Sausage

This morning I cooked boiled eggs and sausage for breakfast, this was a favourite breakfast meal that my father used to prepare for us as children. boiled eggs and sausage breakfastThe dish is simple to prepare, you will need: hard boiled eggs, sausages, green peas, sweet pepper, herbs (chopped garlic, escellion and onion), pimento, oil, tomato ketchup, water, and black pepper.

1. Cut each boiled egg in four, and slice the sausages and sweet pepper.
2. Sauté the sweet pepper, herbs, and pimento in oil over medium flame.

3. Add the boiled eggs, sausages and green peas and gently combine them together.
4. Mix in tomato ketchup and a little water and bring to a boil.

5. Add a dash of black pepper, then serve.
(Oops! I forgot to add  black pepper to the meal before taking these photos)boiled eggs and sausage breakfastIt was a delicious meal!

We ate it along with toast, grated cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and fried plantain; and we gobbled down every bit of it. boiled eggs and sausage breakfastThis is a breakfast that is filling, giving you a boost of energy for the rest of morning. I know you will enjoy it. boiled eggs and sausage breakfast


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