Cradle Boat Lilies

Boat lily/ Moses in a BasketWe have Cradle Boat lilies growing all over our yard, their green leaves have a glossy purple colour underneath.

The Cradle Boat lily (Tradescantia Spathacea) is also known as the Rhoeo plant, Oyster Plant, and Moses-in-a-Basket.  Boat lily/ Moses in a BasketCradle Boat lilies are easy to grow and care; and can be propagated from tubers, bulbs, stem cuttings, and from seeds. They will thrive in full sun or in partially shaded areas of your garden; and they require little watering.Boat lily/ Moses in a BasketThese plants bloom near-white flowers all year round, and they make an excellent ground cover. I read that you should handle the Cradle Boat lily very carefully as it may cause contact dermatitis, skin irritation, or allergic reaction.

You should also not chew on the leaves of this plant as it is known to produce gastrointestinal disorders in both people and animals. And although its toxicity levels are low, ingesting this plant will result in vomiting and diarrhea. Boat lily/ Moses in a Basket


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