At The Appointed Time

Today’s Photo: Cicada on Canna ‘Stuttgart’ Lily. Cicadas I saw this Cicada just recently and wondered why it was there, this insect seemed to have emerged long after the others did. The last set of Cicadas we saw were in June, we don’t even hear them singing in the bushes anymore.

Cicadas Then I remembered that everything is done in its own timing . . .  never too early, never too late; this cicada has appeared at its appointed time.

So is it with the things appointed for us in this life, if they are to be, they will surely come to pass, just make sure you are prepared for them.

Don’t worry excessively over matters such as puberty, falling in love, finding the right job, your children’s future, and so on. Worrying accomplishes nothing.

My advice: be patient, work at your goals, and do your best. Do not despise small beginnings, and do not compare yourself with others;  ask God to help and guide you, and put your trust in Him.

Very soon you’ll discover how one event leads to another; very soon you’ll find yourself to be at the right place at the right time; very soon you will see positive changes; very soon things will fall into place . . . at the time appointed. Just you wait and see.


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