Photo: Salt Fish Fritters

Today’s photo shows the second most popular fritters in our household – salt fish fritters; banana fritters are our favourite, coming first place by a very strong lead. This is how we make our salt fish fritters.

Combine cooked salt fish with chopped onion, escellion, tomatoes, sweet pepper (optional), and scotch bonnet pepper. Also add a few thyme leaves.

Beat in an egg and add a dash of black pepper. Salt fish frittersAdd flour and mix well. Then add a couple tablespoons of water to have a smooth batter.

Drop batter into hot oil by the spoonful and keep turning the fritter until it is cooked thoroughly and golden brown. Salt fish fritters
Salt fish fritters can be eaten alone, with bread, or enjoyed with a fresh vegetable salad. Salt fish fritters

Our fritters are always delicious, not greasy, and always insufficient. We just can’t make enough of them. Salt fish fritters


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