The Secret For Staying Young

One day, during a visit to my maternal grandmother, she quietly shared with me a few things about her peculiar room-mate. It seemed that this room-mate habitually rose early each morning and carried on with some antics that caused my grandma’s eyes to open widely. “I caught her flapping her hands about like some bird,” grandma chuckled. “And she also moved her body about in strange motions.”

As a teenager then, I myself was puzzled as to why a woman in her 80’s would be doing such things; and it wasn’t until years afterward, that I finally figured out what this elderly room-mate was doing each morning. Hahaha! She was exercising . . . an activity which my grandmother had never done. Today, experts agree that doing some form of exercise will add years to your life; and they further state that “Exercise IS the secret for staying young.” Morning ExerciseWhether you go to the gym, have a personal exercise routine, or work-out in front of the TV . . . persons of all ages should keep moving to live longer, and feel younger.

In Chapter 6 of the book Fitness for Seniors by the Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing, it states:

A little motion could be your anti-aging potion. Study after study suggests that keeping physically active may help people live longer. In fact, just a bit of exercise might make you feel as if you’ve turned back the clock.

It continues to state that revolutionary new research proves that it is not because of aging that we lose many of our abilities; we actually lose because of a simple lack of activity. Morning Exercise When it comes to agility and physical power . . .  start working even a few muscles and you may be astonished at how much power you can keep. Five easy ways to get more active include:

  1. Taking a walk through a local park.
  2. Going bowling with friends or family.
  3. Lifting hand-held weights as you talk on the phone.
  4. Rocking in a rocking-chair.
  5. Dancing as you perform household chores.

Morning ExercisePhysical activity often makes you happier and healthier; and persons of all ages can reap big rewards with just a little exercise. Exercising is known to:

  • fight fatigue
  • fire up your immunity
  • recharge a sluggish metabolism
  • give your digestive system a tune-up
  • boost your brainpower
  • enable you to move with ease
  • strengthen you to dodge deadly diseases by lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure, reducing the risk of a second heart attack, and cutting triglycerides and total cholesterol.

The book recommends that when you decide to exercise, choose activities that you enjoy. Plan a regular time and remember to warm up and cool down. Don’t do too much too quickly and wait at least two hours after a meal before you exercise.

You should be careful to exercise within your fitness level and avoid vigorous routines. Also call your doctor if you experience dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, and pain in your chest, back, left shoulder or arm. Morning ExerciseNow that the secret is out . . . why not begin exercising right away?
You won’t regret it.


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