Photo: Pilea serpyllifolia

Pilea serpyllifoliaEver since childhood, we’ve made up a few names for this plant growing around our home; we called it the lacy leaf plant and lacy lily. Well, today I finally found its correct name and it’s the Pilea serpyllifolia. Pilea serpyllifoliaThe Pilea serpyllifolia is a herbaceous plant belonging to the plant family Urticaceae. It is a shade loving plant that is easy to grow and care. The plants we have grow in different soil types, but they require regular watering. Pilea serpyllifoliaThe Pilea serpyllifolia blooms tiny flowers, but I’m not sure if it has seeds, or if the seeds are sterile. This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, and is easily propagated from stem cuttings. Pilea serpyllifoliaOver the years, because of its speedy growth, we’ve thrown away many of these plants; but we’ve also used a few stems of the Pilea serpyllifolia in small floral arrangements. I’m not sure of the toxicity of this plant, and somehow, I’ve never been tempted to chew on it.

Regardless, the Pilea serpyllifolia is an attractive shrub that makes an ideal edging plant; it, however, will require regular pruning. Pilea serpyllifolia


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