Sweet, Stainy, Juicy Jamaican Guineps

It’s near the end of guinep season, and this week we received a whole bowl of sweet, stainy, juicy guineps from Bro. Barnes.guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus)The guinep (Melicoccus bijugatus) contains one or more seeds, covered with a thin layer of pulp. This pulp can be eaten as is, or removed to make drinks, jams, and deserts.

Unripen guineps should not be eaten as they are toxic. guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus)The guinep is known by many names such as Spanish lime, mamoncillo, and chenette. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and amino acids.guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus)Guineps are also known to contain important antioxidants (Phenolic Compounds) that can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. They also contain phosphorus, a mineral important for digestion and regulating hormones.guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus)A word of precaution: persons should be careful when eating guineps as guinep stains on clothing are extremely hard to remove; also, give only the pulp of the guinep to younger children to prevent them choking on the seeds.

Read more about guineps in our Jamaican newspaper article “10 Reasons To Enjoy Guineps” and from my previous post “Jamaican Guinep“. See more guinep photos below.  guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus) guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus) guineps (Melicoccus bijugatus)eaten guineps


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