Turkey Neck And Beans

Our family has been eating turkey neck meat for years, we switched to eating it after we decided to reduce our intake of beef. While red meat is extremely delicious, it has been proven that consuming too much of it is not good for you.

This is how we prepare our turkey neck and beans for dinner:
1. Season the meat and let it rest for a couple hours.

2. Fry the necks until brown on each side, then pressure cook them for approx. 20 minutes.Turkey Neck meat3. After the turkey necks have been pressurized, use the liquid from the pressure cooker to cook ½ cup chopped Irish potatoes with carrots.

4. When the potatoes and carrots are tender, add to the pot, cooking oil and other seasoning such as crushed pimento, thyme leaves, chopped onions, escellion, tomatoes, garlic, and hot pepper. Let it simmer for a minute.

5. Add the turkey necks and butter beans and combine well. (We used butter beans from the can)

6. Cook over medium flame until gravy is ready. Then serve.
Bon Appétit.Turkey Neck and BeansThe manner in which we prepare our turkey neck meat is similar to how we cook our oxtail stew; as a matter of fact, turkey neck is also called “poor man’s oxtail” in Jamaica.

In our home, we also cook turkey neck meat with steamed cabbage, and turkey necks with spaghetti. We are yet to try curried turkey necks, but not for now, as we prefer turkey neck and beans most of the times. Turkey Neck and Beans


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