Lurking In The Shadows

As the evening ends and beckons the night, our home is visited by various nocturnal creatures that either fly in, or crawl inside. Some of these creatures actually live in the crevices, and in the nook and cranny of our house . . . creatures like the Cochran’s Croaking Geckos, which we call croaking lizards.

These croaking lizards are usually found lurking in the shadows in wait for prey, but most times they are there hiding from us.Cochran's Croaking Gecko0While we appreciate the fact that these geckos help get rid of insects and pests, we are not the least bit thrilled to buck them up in the middle of the night.

One night this week, I was startled by one such gecko which actually reversed into the door when we accidentally met. In a flash, it disappeared, but I found it lurking in the shadows behind our chairs. Cochran's Croaking GeckoAs we tried getting rid of it, the gecko outsmarted us; but before it dashed out of reach and to safety, I got a closer snapshot of it.Cochran's Croaking Gecko

The gecko with its bulgy eyes and reddish-brown spots was just as frighten of me as I was of it; and in the fear of the moment, we both made a decision . . . the gecko dashed into hiding, and I shrieking, jumped onto the chair.


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