Ackee Blossoms

Our ackee tree (Blighia sapida) is flowering once more; it is known to bloom one to three times per year. The tree is covered with whitish blossoms that appear along with almost fit and mature fruit. See photos below:ackee flowers

The ackee tree produces flowers from pseudoterminal shoots, in other words, flowering looks to be terminal but in fact new shoot growth continues from the area next to the lateral raceme. ackee flowers Bisexual and male flowers are borne together on simple racemes 3 to 7 inches (7.5–17.5 cm) long, and are fragrant. ackee flowers

ackee flowersThe white flowers have 5 sepals, 5 petals, and a nectary disc at the base from which 1 to 8 stamens are attached and a superior ovary with 3 stigmas. ackee flowersFinal photo:
A bird’s nest, built on a branch of our ackee tree, is surrounded by ackee blossoms.ackee flowersReferences:
Ackee – Fruits of warm climates
Ackee Growing in the Florida Home Landscape


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