Photos: Flowers Of The Soursop

The soursop (Annona muricata) is a fruit known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells; it is also called Graviola and Guanabana.Soursop flower (Annona muricata)The flowers of the soursop appear on short stalks that are stout and woody, they emerge anywhere on the branches, twigs, or trunk of the soursop tree.Soursop flower (Annona muricata) Soursop flower (Annona muricata) Soursop flower (Annona muricata)Each stalk can have up to two flowers, sometimes three. Soursop flower (Annona muricata)The flowers are plump, thick, and triangular-conical. They consist of three fleshy, slightly spreading, outer yellow-green petals; and three close-set, inner pale-yellow petals. Soursop flower (Annona muricata)The outer petals of the soursop flower do not overlap and appear heart-shaped; but the inner petals overlap and are oval-shaped. The ovaries of the soursop flower are covered with dense reddish brown hairs. Soursop flower (Annona muricata)Soursop flower (Annona muricata) Soursop flower (Annona muricata)
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Introduction to the Species Annona muricata L. – Soursop tree


4 thoughts on “Photos: Flowers Of The Soursop

  1. Thanks for the excellent info on soursop. I learnt it is an almost all purpose fruit. I trust readers would appreciate it for all its worth.

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