White Wild Mushrooms

Today I found some white, wild mushrooms growing in our lawn; these are the largest ones I’ve seen so far . . . they could pass for large golf balls.wild mushroom wild mushroom
One of these mushrooms (seen below) resembles the shaggy parasol mushroom, however it is not.wild mushroom

Anyway, although the shaggy parasol mushroom is edible, and not a deadly mushroom, it is not worth eating as it will still make you very sick.

As I was observing these “fruits of a fungus”, I realize that it was the first time that I’m seeing scales on the caps of these mushrooms.wild mushroom
The remaining pictures show close up shots of the underside of the mushroom revealing the stem, ring (found on the stem), and the gills or spines in its cap.  wild mushroom wild mushroom wild mushroom
Remember, ALL mushrooms are considered poisonous unless you are an expert at mushroom identification.


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