Preparing Fruit Salad With Aloe Vera

We have a few Aloe vera plants in our yard, and we use their stems for treating burns, and for stomach ailments. The Aloe vera, or Aloe, is also called “Single Bible” in Jamaica; it tastes slightly bitter, but it is very effective.Aloe vera plants (Single Bible) While some persons, take Aloe vera supplements, or blend the gel of the Aloes to make a drink, I usually eat mine in a fruit salad.

This morning I picked an Aloe vera stem to make a fruit salad combined with grapefruits and oranges; I normally add other fruits, but not today. Aloe vera stemTo prepare the Aloe vera for consumption, I first wash and cut the stem into pieces, then I cut off the teeth at the sides of the stem.Aloe vera stem preparing Aloe veraI then cut off the outer green skin at the upper part of the stem. preparing Aloe vera preparing Aloe veraAfterward, I cut off the green skin from the underpart of the stem. You can also slide your knife under the flesh of the Aloe vera to separate it from the skin. preparing Aloe vera preparing Aloe verapreparing Aloe veraThe flesh or the gel of the Aloe vera may appear slimy, but it is good for your stomach. Do not wash it off. Aloe vera gelIn Jamaica, some persons soak the Aloe vera gel in water overnight and then drink it the following day. Other persons however, prefer to blend the Aloe vera gel with other juices to make a drink, since they cannot tolerate the bitter taste.Aloe vera gelWhen I use the Aloe vera gel in my salad, I first cut it up into squares and then add it to my fruits. Aloe vera gel Fruit salad with Aloe vera Most times, the fleshy Aloe vera pieces resemble ice-cubes in my salad. Fruit salad with Aloe veraFinally, I combine the Aloe vera pieces with the rest of the fruit. Fruit salad with Aloe vera You can eat the fruit salad with Aloe vera right away, but I prefer to let it rest awhile inside the fridge. After about 10 minutes or so, you’ll find that the salad will be filled with juice which you can also drink. Fruit salad with Aloe vera Fruit salad with Aloe veraAlthough the drink from the fruit salad is slightly bitter, the combination of fruits with the Aloe vera is not. Surprisingly, if I don’t mention to others that Aloe vera is included in their fruit salad, they would never know.Fruit salad with Aloe veraSo this is how I like my Aloe vera . . . I eat it; maybe you too can give it a try. Fruit salad with Aloe vera


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