The Cardwell Lily

We have the Cardwell Lily growing on our balcony, we got it as a gift. I took photos of this plant a long time ago, but I only learned about its name today. Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis)The Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis) is named after the island of Ambiona, now Ambon, in Indonesia; it is also called the Northern Christmas Lily.

The plant grows from a subterranean bulb that produces large, deeply-veined, nearly circular leaves. The leaves usually die away during the winter season.Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis)Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis)The Cardwell Lily usually begins flowering around December and produces an umbel-like clusters of flowers on long stems. Each stem can have from five to 18 attractive, scented, white flowers that have yellow throats. Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis) Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis)The flowers open in succession over a prolonged period and last well. The fruits that develop on the flower heads contain one to several fleshy seeds. These seeds often germinate on the plant and new plants can be grown from them. The Cardwell Lily on our balcony prefers partial shade and moderate watering; it is a hardy plant that is attractive with or without flowers.

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