Blue-Green Citrus Root Weevil

A found yet another Jamaican citrus root weevil – the Green weevil (Pachnaeus litus). However, this weevil is slightly different as it has black legs and a black head. This weevil is also known as the Blue-green weevil and its colour varies from pale green to grey, and bright blue-green to aqua. It is tiny in size . . . just  0.3 to 0.5 inch, and may be found at any time of the year.
Green Jamaican weevilThe adult weevil feeds on the leaves and young tender shoots of citrus plants, while the larvae damage citrus crops by feeding on the tree roots. This specie of citrus root weevils is a minor pest and it is not considered to be destructive.

The Blue-green weevil is also known to feed on numerous ornamental plants.Green Jamaican weevil


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