Photos: Creeping Jenny

Today’s photos show the Creeping Jenny plants (Pilea depressa) we have growing on a wall in our yard.  They are also called the Depressed Clearweed.Creeping Jenny (Pilea depressa) Pilea depressa plants are native to the Caribbean and are best used as a decorative climbing plant or ground cover. These plants have small thick leaves and near white flowers.  Creeping Jenny (Pilea depressa)The Pilea depressa plants are easy to grow and care. They grow in various soil types, prefer partial shade, and require moderate watering. These plant can be propagated from stem cuttings. Creeping Jenny (Pilea depressa)Although our Creeping Jenny plants thrive on the outside, they can also be grown indoors as houseplants.  And because the stalks with leaves can hang down, these plants look beautiful in hanging baskets. Creeping Jenny (Pilea depressa)


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