How To Peel Green Bananas

We love eating bananas . . . both ripe and green, but green bananas must be peeled before you fry, boil, or grate them for making porridge.  To peel green bananas, you will need:

  • a kitchen knife.
  • a bowl of water in which you will place your peeled green bananas (we keep them in water so that they don’t become black).
  • newspaper to place the skins on.
  • some cooking oil to remove the stain from your knife and fingers after you’re done.

Persons with long, manicured, and polished fingernails may need a pair of gloves.It takes practice to peel green bananas, and when you learn how, you will be able to peel them without even looking.

Before you begin peeling, you will have to cut the banana first. To do so, hold the green banana in your left hand and then use your kitchen knife to cut the top all way around to the last ridge (or rib-line) on the banana. peeling green bananasWithout removing the knife, gently slide the knife all the way down the ridge to the bottom of the banana. Then cut the bottom all the way around, but not off. Do not cut the banana too deeply. peeling green bananasThis is what the cut banana should look like before you begin actually peeling it.Some persons cut and peel their green bananas in water; in my case, I cut and peel my bananas on newspaper, then I place each peeled banana in the pot.

To begin peeling your cut green banana, turn the banana so that the bottom part of the banana is pointing north (i.e. pointing up).

You will be using your thumb to do the peeling, starting from the top part of the banana which is now pointing down.Again, hold the banana in your left hand, and starting from south, use your right thumb to gently pull apart the skin, moving all the way up the side if the banana. peeling green bananasThis is just peeling one side of the banana.peeling green bananasTo continue, move the already peeled side towards you and start again, moving from south to north of the banana.

Use your thumb to peel off the skin, gently moving all the way up and down the banana.peeling green bananasMove the already peeled section toward you, and continue peeling off the skin with your thumb until the entire banana is peeled. peeling green bananasYour fingers should be stained at this point, but don’t worry; these stains are easily removed when you rub your fingers and your kitchen knife with a little cooking oil, before washing with soap and water.

You can remove the banana stain after you finished peeling all your bananas.peeling green bananasThe peeled green banana may have some skin left on it, these you may cut away with your knife; and if the bottoms are blacken, cut those off too. peeling green bananasYou can watch how it’s done in the video below.

Finally, after you’ve peeled all your green bananas, place them in a boiling pot of water. Some persons add a little oil in the water to keep the bananas nice and white, while others simply place one of the peeled skins in the water. boiling green bananasOnce the bananas are boiled, simply throw the skin away.boiling green bananasPlease remember to be careful when throwing away the banana skins, as they will stain your clothing and all surfaces they touch.
NB* Banana stains are easily removed with a little chlorine bananas skins Note: I must tell you that there are some persons I know that have stopped peeling green bananas in their old age. They now peel their green bananas after boiling them.

They first wash the green bananas, boil them, and then peel them while they are cool. While it okay to do so, I find that green bananas cooked this way are slightly bitter to the taste; but then, some persons gradually lose their sense of taste after they pass a certain age.


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