Spice Up Your Box Mac & Cheese

Preparing macaroni and cheese from the box is sometimes the preferred meal or side-dish to have; it’s takes lesser time to cook, and the kids seem to love eating it.

I enjoy eating macaroni and cheese both ways – baked, and from the box; but most times (when cooking from the box) I spice up my mac & cheese to have a more fulfilling, wholesome meal. mac & cheeseTo spice up my mac & cheese meal, I add cubed pumpkins to the water when boiling the macaroni.

When the macaroni is almost tender, I drain most of the water, and add cabbage and herbs such as escellion, garlic, and onions to the pot and let them cook. Afterward I add the cheese mix and combine to make a mouth-watering dish. mac & cheeseAt other times I may add mixed vegetables, real cheese – grated or cubed, milk, and meat (chicken or beef cubes) to my macaroni and cheese (from the box). Mac & cheese is also nice with tomatoes and tin tuna.

When box macaroni and cheese is spiced up this way, it is no longer considered a side dish, but a one-pot meal.  mac & cheese



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