Photos: Female Rhino Beetle

While cleaning the house today, a female Rhinoceros beetle (Dynastinae / Calypsoryctes dynastoides) emerged from within the strands of wool on our mop; she was hidden in our mop inside our broom cupboard for almost a week!

She tried to make a hasty get-away, but I wouldn’t allow her until I took these photos. female Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastina)Rhinoceros beetles are herbivorous insects, the males have horn-like projections while the females are plain, without horns. female Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastina) I read that female Rhino beetles are edible and even sold on the Internet as a protein rich food source (see the site). The bug – which is boiled, dehydrated, and salted, is considered a good source of protein and fiber. The whole insect is edible. female Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastina) female Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastina)The Female Rhino beetle lays approx. 50 eggs in her lifetime, and can live up to three years. female Rhinoceros Beetle (Dynastina)


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