Christmas Is A Coming – Gungo Peas

The sale of Gungo peas is another sign that let Jamaicans know that Christmas is just around the corner; you can buy them freshly picked or dried.Gungo peas/Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)Gungo peas (Cajanus cajan) are actually Pigeon peas; they are usually reaped in late November and December and are a popularly used in some of our Christmas dishes.

Gungo peas are used in the cooking of Rice and Gungo peas; Gungo Stew cooked with cod fish and coconut milk; and Gungo peas soup cooked with ham bone or with beef.Gungo peas/Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)The Gungo pea is a pulse and vegetable that is rich in protein and amino acids. I read that the immature seeds (as seen in these photos) contain higher quality protein than dried seeds, some Vitamin C, and slightly more fat.

This legume also contains other minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium; they also contain calcium and selenium. Gungo peas/Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)I understand that Gungo peas are good for relieving inflammation of internal organs. The leaves can be fed to cattle and used medicinally for the treatment of jaundice, piles, and itching of the anus (see source).Gungo peas/Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)Meals with Gungo peas are easily digested but persons should not eat too much as excessive use can causes hyper acidity and wind in the intestines.

Please Note: Gungo peas should not be eaten by persons who have gastric ulcer or heart disease. Gungo peas/Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)


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