Fries And Baked Beans

Tonight I had fries and baked beans, it is one of my favourite comfort foods.fries and baked beansI understand that some persons eat their fries with baked beans as a side dish, but this meal is a combination of both.

This is how it is prepared:
1) Cut up and fry Irish potatoes until lightly brown on both sides.
2) Remove excess oil, or place the fries into another sauce pan with just a little oil.
3) Pour baked beans over the fries.
4) Add chopped tomatoes, hot pepper, escellion, garlic, onions, and a sprig of thyme.
5) Mix all ingredients together, cover pot and allow it to simmer for a couple minutes over medium flame.
6) Serve warm.
fries and baked beansYou may add other ingredients such as cubed bacon, sausage, and cheese to this meal . . . it will only end up being more delicious.

Go ahead and give it a try, I know you will enjoy it like I did.fries and baked beans


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