Not A Giant-Sized Mosquito, But A . . .

Some time ago, I posted a few pictures of a giant-sized mosquito we found in our home; well, we found another one.

This morning, I rescued this insect from a spider’s web, and research has shown that it is not a giant-sized mosquito, but a . . . Crane fly.crane flyThe Crane fly (Tipulidae) is commonly mistaken for a mosquito, but it is many times larger than the typical mosquito. It is found all over the world, and is sometimes called Daddy Long Legs. crane flyI read that you can tell that this insect is not a mosquito by the “V-shaped” suture (groove) on the middle part of its body.crane flyThe Crane fly is a delicate, fragile insect that has a single pair of wings; I understand that it does not fly very well.

It spends most of its life as a larva; and as an adult, the Crane fly lives just to mate and lay eggs. It lives for at most, fifteen days, and seldom ever feeds. crane flyThis mosquito-like insect is medically harmless; it does not bite, sting, suck, or transmit disease pathogens.crane flyI read here, that Crane flies, like spiders, rank very high on the list of uninvited critters inside the home. In some places, large numbers of these insects fly into home, attracted by the lights inside the house. Luckily for us, we only see a couple Crane flies each month around our yard. crane flyIn most places, the Crane fly is regarded as a beneficial insect, as its larvae feed on decaying-organic matter, and assist in the biological decomposition process in the garden.


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