Watermelon Appetizer

In a cooking reality TV-show I watched, I saw one competitor add seasoning to his watermelon to make a special dish; the judges enjoyed it.

Inspired by that show, I decided to look after a watermelon appetizer today. This is how it was prepared:

  1. First, I chopped some of my favourite seasonings – escellion, sweet pepper, garlic, hot pepper, and onion; to be combined with a couple watermelon slices.
    Melon Appetizer
  2. Cut up the watermelon slices into cubes.
  3. Over low heat, lightly saute the chopped seasonings into a teaspoon of cooking oil for less than a minute or so, then stir in a teaspoon of water.
  4. Add the cubed watermelon to the sauteed chopped seasonings.
    Melon Appetizer
  5. Gently combine the watermelon cubes with the sauteed seasonings.
    Melon Appetizer
  6. Add a dash of allspice (pimento) or another of your favourite powdered ingredient, and gently combine with the dish.
  7. Turn off the stove, then add a dash of salt for taste.
    Melon Appetizer
  8.  This watermelon appetizer is simple and tasty; and I find that it really does opens up the appetite. Melon AppetizerHowever, when I ate it by itself, the dish was incomplete. It is best served with cooked shrimp or cubes of meat – beef, mutton, or chicken.
    Melon Appetizer

Today’s photo:
Watermelon Appetizer with Barbecued Chicken.  Yum!
Melon Appetizer


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