Anolis Eggs And Embryo

We have a few anolis lizards living on our balcony, they are also known as the Graham’s Anole (Anolis grahami). While gardening a few weeks ago, I found a couple of their eggs in one of our flower pots.lizard eggsToday, I remembered the lizard eggs and was happy to find them still intact; the eggs were not hatched as yet.lizard eggsI decided to crack one of the eggs, and did so with the hope of seeing gooey yellow yolk; instead there was a lizard embryo.lizard egg & embryo lizard embryoIn this next photo, you can actually see the blood vessels in the firm yellow yolk.lizard egg & embryoThe lizard embyro seemed to be in its early development stage.lizard embryo lizard embryoA closer view shows the eyes of the lizard beginning to develop. You can see the two darken spots for the eye lens.lizard embryo lizard embryo

After throwing the embryo away, I returned the other lizard egg to it’s hiding place in the flower pot on the balcony.


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