Climbing Up On The Left Side

These are photos of a Jamaican snail climbing up on the left side of a leaf.Jamaican snail Jamaican snail Jamaican snailI read that climbing up, sleeping on, and waking up from the left-hand side of the bed is better than doing so on the right-hand side. There is actually scientific proof to “waking up on the wrong side of the bed“.

An article about “a study by sleep experts at Sealy UK, found that those who kip on the right-hand side of the mattress are far more pessimistic than those who doze on the left. They are also more likely to hate work, which adds to an increase in grumpiness every morning.”

Sleeping on the left-hand side of the bed has proven to be 10% more likely to give you a positive outlook on life, providing an 8% surge in how likely it is you will love your job.

The research also stated that “in probing the sleeping patterns of 1000 adults, it was found that loners who prefer their own company, prefer sleeping on the right; and those with a large circle of friends plump for the left-hand side of the bed”.

Isn’t that something?

So, if you’re the kind of person who wakes up grumpier than the Grinch, maybe you should switch sides of the bed. ~ (See more snail photos below)Jamaican snail Jamaican snail Jamaican snailJamaican snail


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