The Beauty Of A Snail

Snails are not my favourite creatures, and I would neither keep them as pets, nor eat them; but they are beautiful . . . in their own way.Jamaican snailWhile doing research for the photo below – of a snail stretching, I discovered that the beauty of a snail is not only in how it looks, but in how it makes humans beautiful. I’ve learned that there is actually a beauty product called “Snail cream”.Jamaican snail stretchingSnail cream is made from snail protein which is actually the (slimy) secretion of the Helix aspersa specie of snails.

According to this site, Snail cream slows the aging process of skin tissue, and protects against the oxidative action of free radicals – improving elasticity, firmness, density, and texture of the skin.Jamaican snail

Both the nutritional and the healing properties of the snail (Helix aspersa) have always been known. While breeding the snails, people who handled the snails noticed that their skin healed quickly from minor cuts and wounds. The snail produces the same healing properties for their tissue, and for shell repair when it breaks.

Snail protein is a natural product with medicinal and fascinating cosmetic properties.

Jamaican snailSnail cream is known to prevent and eliminate wrinkles, and mitigate stretch marks. The cream also eliminates scars caused by injuries, first-degree burns, and acne removal, as well as eliminates sun spots.Jamaican snail

Snail cream has been recommended in post-surgery treatment to prevent the formation of keloids and scars; and it is known to have removed dead or dysfunctional cells, leading to the development of healthy cells. Jamaican snailRead more information @
and Dermatology Review and comments on Snail cream @


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