The Slender Ichneumon Wasp

I found a Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae) in our kitchen; it is a brownish-red or orange-red wasp that is found all over the world. Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae)Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae)Although I found this wasp during the afternoon, it is usually nocturnal in nature.

I read that this specie of wasps may be found roosting on the underside of leaves during the day; the males however, can be seen in flight during the day time, while the females are active at night searching for caterpillars to feed their young. The adult Slender Ichneumon wasp feeds mainly on moth larvae. Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae)

This wasp has a very distinctive forewing vein pattern and is easily recognised by the dot pattern at the middle of its forewing. Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae)I’m not sure if this specie of wasps stings. Slender Ichneumon Wasp (subfamily Ophioninae)



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