A Small Intrusion Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most disgusting insects we have around our home, and we totally hate and despise them. From the slim, tiny Asian cockroaches (aka teenager cockroaches) to the American cockroaches, and the Brown cockroaches in between . . . we kill them all at first sighting. cockroach dead cockroachThank God we don’t have the big, fat Lobster cockroaches (aka Drumma roach).

I spotted a small group of cockroaches a few mornings ago, they were gathered inside an old paint pan. When they saw me, they scrambled around, trying to escape . . . but couldn’t.  After taking a few photos of them, I researched and found out that a group of cockroaches was called “an intrusion”.  intrusion of cockroachesClick here http://mudfooted.com/unusual-names-for-animal-groups to see the names for other groups of animals.

I read that cockroaches may contaminate food products and utensils with their droppings, molted skin, and dead bodies etc.; they are known to carry germs, and transmit bacteria. Further, house dust containing cockroach feces, skin, and body parts can trigger allergic reactions, and asthma attacks.

Cockroaches also produce an unpleasant odour whenever they infest an area.intrusion of cockroachesA few American cockroaches usually fly in through the windows and into our home whenever the lawn is mowed, and unfortunately, some will decide to live inside. My brother made a paste of baking soda and icing sugar to attract and kill these roaches, but it is ineffective.

The most awful cockroach, in my opinion, is the Brown cockroach; seeing it always make my skin crawl. While descending the stairs one night, a Brown cockroach crawled into my view, but this only prompted me to fetch the insect spray to kill it. Brown Cockroach Brown CockroachWe prefer to kill cockroaches by spraying them with insecticide as it is really awful to see their white, mucky haemolymph squishing out of them after they’ve been stomped upon, or smacked with a slipper.


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