Planting A Dwarf June Plum Tree

We got a gift of a dwarf June Plum tree, and we are most grateful for it. Today the boys planted it where the grapefruit tree used to be at the front corner of our yard.Planting dwarf June Plum tree (Spondias cytherea)The June plum tree (Spondias dulcis) normally grows to heights of over 60 ft, but the dwarf June plum tree (Spondias cytherea) grows to just 7 ft, although some may grow to 15 ft.

It is a fast growing tree, and it is one of those trees that has the  ability to flower and fruit at a young age.  As a matter of fact, when we got the plant, we were told that it will begin bearing in a couple of months. We are very excited.Planting dwarf June Plum tree (Spondias cytherea)The dwarf June Plum tree grows in different soil types, it requires full sun and regular watering. This plant can also grow in a large flower pot.

When we began planting, we also took the opportunity to bury Yve’s navel string there. Planting dwarf June Plum tree (Spondias cytherea)


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