A 63-Year Old Souvenir

Today’s photos are of a souvenir my mother won as a prize in 1953; she was age seven then. This souvenir is a drinking glass with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II printed upon it; and 1953 was the year of her coronation.1953 souvenir glass of Queen Elizabeth IIAccording to my mother . . . at the end of each academic year in primary school, the students would assemble and perform for their parents and teachers, (the school’s academic year, back then, ran from January to December). When it was her turn to perform, my mother recited a poem and received the souvenir drinking glass as her prize; and for decades, my grandmother kept this prize safely in her “china wagon” or china cabinet.

This week, we used this 63-year old souvenir temporarily as a vase to hold the leaf of the garden croton plant (Codiaeum variegatum). The croton plant can be propagated from stem cuttings, or from a single leaf. When we place the croton leaf in a vase with water, it usually produces roots, and then forms new plants at its base.

I wonder if anyone else has souvenirs of the Queen’s coronation? My guess would be yes, somewhere in several homes across our island Jamaica.



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