Meet Isabel

We got a new female puppy last month; she’s white with black patches and touches of brown. My brother brought her home after two of our dogs died.puppy

The children loved her and named her Isabel.puppyShe came here on Monday 6th June – the day after my father’s birthday, and has a spark of enthusiasm, and spunk.

She is never tired of romping and finding new ways of playing with your feet. She made me smile again. The other dogs love her.puppyToday I tried taking photos of her, but will she ever keep still? Jumping around, dancing at my feet, and giving me a playful bite now and then. So here she is . . . meet Isabel. puppy puppyI don’t know what dog breeds she’s mixed with, she’s just a plain mongrel . . . but she seems promising and full of life.puppy puppypuppyShe’s a pretty, playful puppy, and she’s very appreciative too. For the few moments I held her, she constantly licked my palms as if saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”puppy

We woke up Thursday morning (Aug. 25, 2016) to find Isabel missing. It seemed someone stole her. A few days later, however, we found Isabel with her head stuck between two poles, she must have been searching for something. And it appeared that while she was trying to free herself, she suffocated and died. Sigh!

Isabel was always bubbling with joy, and we had her for 80 days . . . June 6 – August 24.


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