Rescuing A Drowning Frog

After a heavy downpour last night, I found a small garden frog floating motionless in a pan of water. It was drowning. small garden frogAlthough frogs are good swimmers, they will drown if they are forced to stay underwater without anywhere to climb out. small garden frogAfter putting a piece of wood beneath it, I gently lifted the frog from the water; it was too weak to be afraid of me. small garden frog small garden frog After waiting a while, its condition barely changed; then I remembered an incident my sister Winsome shared with me many years ago.small garden frog

My sister told me about a storm she experienced during her childhood days in the country. It was a scary storm . . . with strong winds, and it rained heavily all through the night. When her family awoke the next morning, they were happy that their goats and pigs were safe, but the roosters and hens were carried away with the winds and many lay drenched and motionless on the ground. They nearly drowned.

However, by midday, the heat of the sun thoroughly dried the roosters and hens, and they revived. One by one, they arose, sputtering from the dried mud, they fluffed their feathers and began walking about.

When I remembered this story, I immediately moved the garden frog into the sunshine to warm it up.small garden frog small garden frogIt was early morning, but the heat of the sun was strong enough to warm the frog and revive it. small garden frog small garden frogHere are a few more photos of the garden frog warming itself.small garden frogsmall garden frog small garden frogAs soon as the frog became itself again, it was extremely fearful of me. When I approached it to take more photos, the frog hopped away into the leaves, and into the grass for safety. small garden frogThank God it is alive.


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