Jamaican Butterfly – Anthanassa frisia

One of the many butterflies that visit our hillside, is the Anthanassa frisia; it is found in flight all year round, however these photos were taken in December, last year. Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly)This specie of butterfly is most times seen visiting our Spanish Needle plants.Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly)I read that this Jamaican butterfly – Anthanassa frisia frisia, is also called Black Crescent, Pale-banded Crescent, and Salpicada.Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly)The  Anthanassa frisia butterfly is described as follows: Its forewing is indented below wing tip and the upperside of the forewing is black with orange markings. The hindwing has black zigzag submarginal line. Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly)This butterfly belongs to the family: Nymphalidae (butterflies of North America). It feeds on flower nectar, and the host flower for its caterpillars is the Shrimpflower (Beloperone guttata).

See photos below of the Anthanassa frisia opening its wings. Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly) Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly) Anthanassa frisia (Jamacian butterfly)


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