First Longan Blossoms

Our Longan tree (Pometia pinnata) has grown quickly over the past year and in June, my brother placed some rat bat manure around its roots. They say rat bat manure is one of the best fertilizers to use. Longan tree (Pometia pinnata) Today while passing by the Longan tree, I glimpsed its first blossoms. I almost missed it since we didn’t expect it to begin blooming so soon.Longan tree blossoms (Pometia pinnata)Our Longan tree (Pometia pinnata) is also known as Fijian Longan. It is a fast growing tree that is also known as Island Lychee.

I understand that the tree normally flowers in September, and bears fruit in December. No injurious insects or diseases have been observed to attack the tree or its fruit.Longan tree blossoms (Pometia pinnata)The Longan tree can be propagated through seeds, grafting, or shoot cutting with application of a rooting hormone gel.

I read in this source [PDF], that in Fiji, both leaf and bark extracts are used, either individually or in combination with other plants, to treat a wide range of ailments, including stomach complaints, diarrhea, dysentery, headache, other pain relief (bones, muscles, joints, chest), colds, flu, diabetes, and mouth ulcers.Longan tree blossoms (Pometia pinnata)


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