A Dragonfly On My Ceiling

It’s Saturday October 1, and most Jamaicans are preparing for Hurricane Matthew . . . battering up windows, stocking up on food and water, moving to a safer location, and so on. Some persons are skeptical that we’ll actually get hit by Matthew, since previous hurricanes seemed to avoid our small island.

If you watch birds, you would be able to detect some sort of “fear” in their behaviour as a storm approaches; but the birds in our neighbourhood appear not to have a single care in the world. It did not even seem to bother them that a hurricane was coming our way on Monday.

This puzzled me a bit, but as I entered the next room, I found a dragonfly hanging from the ceiling.
“Yes!” I thought to myself. “This is a sure sign that a hurricane is coming; look at this insect that has come inside for refuge.”

This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a dragonfly inside the house.dragonflyI read that dragonflies are among the fastest insects on earth, their estimated speed is between 30 and 60 km/h (19 to 38 m.p.h.). These insects are known to fly forward, backward, straight up, or in a zigzag pattern. They however fly fastest when moving straight forward.dragonflyThe dragonfly has two pairs of strong, transparent wings. The wings are uneven – with the hindwing being broader than the forewing. As a matter of fact, the front and rear wing pairs are shaped differently. dragonflyThe dragonfly’s two pairs of membranous wings are intricately veined, which, while generally transparent, may have coloured markings. dragonflyI understand that a dragonfly will rest with its wings spread horizontally, rather than held vertically against each other; it cannot hold its wings against its body and has to hold them perpendicularly away from its body. dragonflyThe dragonfly has huge, bulging eyes that occupy most of the head. These large multifaceted eyes are not separate, they usually touch together.

These eyes give dragonflies incredible vision in almost every directions except directly behind them.dragonflyEven though a dragonfly possesses six legs like any other insect, it is not capable of walking. dragonflyThe dragonfly is also known as the “mosquito hawk” as it is  one of the few types of insects that prey upon mosquitoes. I understand that some persons have seen a dragonfly stuffing its mouth with up to a hundred mosquitoes at one time. I think that’s great!dragonflyHere’s the final photo from beneath the dragonfly. dragonfly

Hurricane Matthew did not hit Jamaica at all. We thank the Lord.


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